Hey Humble,

As promised, here’s our experience with the Chamber Plan. We are a small family business that has 7 employees. We sell and fix outdoor power equipment for homeowners & farmers. (STIHL is our most popular brand that is widely recognized for their chainsaws…and we sell power washers if CaperBoss is looking for one) As I’ve increased my involvement in the business over the past 10 years, I saw a need to 1. ensure that our mechanics were taken care of to better perform at work 2. feel like they have been better taken care of which in turn boosts moral. I had heard of the Chamber plan in the past as we have been Chamber of Commerce members for longer than I’ve been alive, but I hadn’t given it much thought. After hearing some of Brett’s segments on the show, we took a serious look at it and contacted our local Chamber Plan rep and he got us all setup. I actually just used it for the first time last week at the eye doctor and it’s the first time I haven’t had to pay complete out of pocket, so that was nice.

I like supporting the people who support you guys as it provides many of us with hours of entertainment!”
– Andy T

“Very prompt and professional service with a personal touch”
– Samir

“You do a great job of being responsive and making me feel there’s someone there for me behind the scenes, for the same reason I refer clients to you”
– Daniel

“Very satisfied with your reliable services”
– Khalil

“Great service from Manuel!”
– Maurice Kreitzer & Sharron Kreitzer

“Always been impressed with the promptness of the response from Brett, Manuel and the rest of the staff.”
– Marie Heron

“Chris Tanner spent lots of time explaining the Chambers Plan before we enrolled, made the process smooth and has been helpful answering any question we have – It’s the support we want.”
– Mr. Bessin

“Brett and the staff are always ready to help. With their guidance, even boutique firms have access to top level, affordable coverage. A true small business partner!”
– Glenn Fraser

“We receive the best service since Chris Tanner always returns our call with promptness and he always answers the questions effectively. Thanks Chris!”
– Ruth and Guenter